• Wacky Waver green
  • Wacky Waver cricket
  • Wacky Waver Sky Dancers
  • Wacky Waver Sky Dancer Joker
  • Wacky Waver Pink 2
  • Wacky Waver Pink
  • Wacky Waver Cingular
  • Wacky Waver Blue Orange

Wacky Wavers

Wacky Wavers are hard to ignore. The dancing motion catches attention and makes a lasting impression.


Wacky Wavers are made out of a rip-sotp nylon, which is both lightweight and durable. A strip of veclro which is stitched on the bottom of the Wacky Waver hooks onto a strip of velcro that is mounted on a fan. When turned on, the fan ingects air up into the Wacky Waver, which creates the dancing motion.


Since the entire system is compact and easy to use, Wacky Wavers are ideal for events or retail settings.


The color schemes and shapes are customizable. Packages are available with fan included.

  • Dancing motion attracts attention
  • Any size, shape or quantity
  • Totally customizable