About Trade Show Utah

There is no company in Utah better suited to create promotional products than Trade Show Utah. We will help you in each step of the process, including design. We print on only the highest quality materials, and employ a highly experienced team.


Our company is family owned and operated and we cherish the chance we have to interact with our customers from every level of business. Whether you are an ambitious new entrepreneur, or a large Fortune 500 company, we will be thrilled help!

Tradeshow Utah started out, 25 years ago, as a small business that made and rented giant inflatable characters like King Kong, Uncle Sam, Santa Claus, etc to car dealers, grand openings and events. As this business started to grow, people asked that the characters hold a banner like “Used Cars”, “Grand Opening” and such. We then expanded into the printing business with our first printer and printed banners and signs. People then asked if we could do vehicle wraps. We learned how to do these and became very good. This is where the brand, Queen of Wraps started.

Now with 30 employees and a 9000 sq. ft. building full of the latest state-of-the-art equipment, Tradeshow Utah is ready to supply all of your large format printing needs.

The great thing is that we are local. Everything is made right here in Salt Lake City. That means we can provide quick turnaround. And, if there happens to be a problem, we can quickly address it and make it right.

Our business is wholesale and business to business. That means there is no middleman. You get the best possible pricing for the best quality product.


Queen of Wraps uses only the best printing technologies in the industry. Our printing offers full-color latex printing to ensure high quality and stunning colors. In addition to our exceptional printing process, we print exclusively on high quality materials so your business gets the best final product. For many products, different materials can be used. Let us help you select the right material for your application with each of our products types.


While most of our products are easy to use, if you do need installation help, we are here for you. Experienced installers can help you make your trade show experience a breeze. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You concentrate on making sales, we will concentrate on making you look great!

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